Branding Secrets to Stand Out from the Crowd

Do you keep hearing this fancy word “branding” but you are a little confused on what it is exactly? Or You know what it is but you would love to know how to make it work for your company?

Hang tight and read on… We are about to give you the best insight!

Branding Secret #1 – Personalize Your Brand.

When people visit your website or social media, they want to get to know you – the person or team behind the company! You know how we all love seeing the action shots with people in them – it excites us! The more we see people behind the brand, the more we relate, and the more we TRUST them – which leads to purchasing their products and services! It’s human psychology!  The best way for potential customers to get to know your business is by showing them actual photos of you and your team, and behind the scenes of you working, creating, talking to clients, etc. If you are in Tallahassee or 30a, we can help you do just that with our Content Photography Membership!

Branding Secret #2 – Create Online Community.

Did you notice how some influencers create a following of hundreds of thousands of people which are dedicated to seeing updates from them and what products they use? I bet you are following at least a couple of them yourself! What makes them stand out is their tribe, the loyal followers that make tight and supportive online community. Same with brands – when you are interacting with your followers on social media – Facebook Groups, through Instagram stories and other apps, you create trust by showing up, answering questions, sharing your values people relate to, which in turn, creates LOYALTY! Make sure to join our FB Group “Ti Adoro Studios – VIP Lounge” to be a part of our tribe!


Branding Secret #3 – Deliver Unique Client Experience.

Remember that time when you are stunned by how amazingly you are treated by a certain company that you can’t stop feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside? Either it was a little surprise gift you didn’t expect or a customer service representative that went an extra mile? Or maybe it was an unexpected personalized phone call to check on how you still like the product or an invitation to a private VIP client party? These brands treasure you and make you feel special, so you become a loyal customer that tells everyone about this experience! Finding a unique way to excite all of your clients by creating a memorable experience from start, when your potential clients just come across your company online or in real life, all the way to finish – after the service/product is delivered is a must for a successful branding for your company! What are the ways you make your client experience unique?


Branding Secret #4 – Create and Post Consistent Content.

Silence is not an option in today’s fast changing world! People will forget about your company fast and you will lose revenue if you are not CONSISTENTLY reminding them about your business in one way or another! Mix and match educational content so people know more about what you do, with your behind the scenes photos, personalized posts, action shot videos, etc – just don’t stop! Apparently, consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33%! Who wants to miss out on that?! That’s why having professional and consistent content for your brand is so important and we can help with that with our professional Modern Branding and Headshots and  Content Photography Membership!


Branding Secret #5 – Professional Photography.

I will tell you a huge secret – a picture is worth not a thousand words, but a thousand clients! Professionally lit, composed, photographed and edited/retouched photos stop people in their tracks and want them get whatever you are showing them! We are all attracted to beautiful photos, that’s how instagram accounts that have gorgeous photography has more followers on average than the other ones! Yes, we all know that professional photography is an investment and when it comes to creating a clean, attractive, high end brand, it’s so worth it! It stops people in their tracks, which helps your FB/IG algorithms to show your posts to more people – use these extra seconds of viewing to your advantage!

Did you know that 61% of people are more likely to buy from companies that deliver unique content? AND 94% of customers are likely to show loyalty to a brand that offers complete transparency! Wow!! The numbers don’t lie! We want to help you create the brand of your dreams so that you pull in the clients of your dreams! Let’s get started today – call us at 850-778-5370 to schedule a consultation today! Make sure to follow our Instagram and join our private FB Group!