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This bright star in the Law World of Tallahassee is Gena Fournier!

Gena D. Fournier, of Fournier Law, PLLC, is a successful business owner, licensed in two states, experienced in multiple areas of law with proficiency, who has been  running her law firm for almost 10 years. Gena is a very motivated hardworking professional and solves a lot of problems for her clients. Being a straight forward person, she is dedicated to doing the best that she can for her clients. This lawyer superwoman cares about the individuals and their families but is being very honest with them. She holds them accountable for their responsibilities.

“I was born and lived in Miami, Florida until I was 5 years old when my parents (practicing lawyers in Miami Shores) decided to move to a family farm/ranch in Boston, Georgia. I lived in Boston, right outside Thomasville, until I graduated from Central High School. Throughout those years, however, I spent a lot of time in Miami because my Father returned there when I was 11 years old and both sets of grandparents lived there. Since both my parents are lawyers, I grew up hearing legal jargon, discussion and scope of work in various areas of practice. Although my mom continued to reside in Boston, Georgia, she joined the Tallahassee Legal Community in the 1980s and I would spend Saturdays and some holidays helping in her office with filing, drafting letters, sending faxes, and other such odd jobs. It seems like the law has always been part of my life. In 1995, I applied and was accepted to the University of Miami, School of Law where I graduated Cum Laude in 1998.”

Gena’s personal achievement is raising two beautiful, smart, interesting, hardworking and good young ladies who will add value to the world.

Tallahassee headshots - tallahassee attorneys

Gena’s professional motto is “Take responsibility for your results. They are the product of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Make sure that every day you add value to the world in some way because even the smallest positive impact can have a tremendous effect.”

She shared with us what she would do differently, when looking back at her career, and it was to plan for the future. She says: “I just lived in the here and now. So, my advice to my past self would be to start planning for your future now. Identify what you want so you know what you are working toward.”

Tallahassee headshots - tallahassee attorneys

What Message can you share with other women to empower them, based on your professional experiences in your career and personal life?

  • Do not make decisions based on fear. You will always be afraid of the unknown.
  • Do not make decisions based on what someone else thinks. You are responsible for living your life, not there’s.
  • Do not choose what is easy. If it is easy, you aren’t being challenged.
  • Do not put yourself last. You will not have the strength to meet your goals if you don’t take care of yourself first.
  • Do not be afraid of failing unless it is from your lack of effort. If you do your best and fail, your failure will be a lesson that moves you forward. If you fail because of laziness, you will never advance.

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