Pre-Payment Plans


Recently, we’ve introduced a great way of bringing beautiful fine art portraits into your home! As you know, professionally done wall portraits, albums, and prints require an investment. Sometimes, it’s a significant investment that is well worth it considering how many decades your family will treasure the keepsakes for!

We’ve developed pre-payment plans for those of our clients who would like to take advantage of getting professionally created heirlooms by splitting the payments into easier monthly or bi-monthly installments prior to the session. Plus, when you choose your pre-paid bundle, you get bonuses that will make this even sweeter!

What can I prepay?

Anything! From a bundle of fine art prints to a collage wall made with metal prints, to an exquisite framed painterly portrait. But, here is the deal! We know you haven’t seen your portraits since we haven’t created them just yet, so it’s hard to say in which medium you would want them, unless you have your heart set on something you’ve seen at our studio before! We suggest picking a prepaid bundle of photos based on the amount of portraits you think you would like to get! You can always add on more later during your reveal!

What do I prepay: Portrait Bundles or Keepsake Credit?

You have two options on what to prepay:

Portrait Bundles.

Our portrait bundles come in 8, 16 or 25 count. This could be done in different media: fine art prints, coffee table book or an album, depending on the count. You don’t have to pick your medium till your reveal meeting, you just need to pick the count. Unless, you have your heart set on a certain heirloom you’ve been eyeing for a while! You will be able to add more photos at the presentation if you love more than the amount you pick.

Keepsake Credit.

If you are not sure yet what you would want to go for, there’s a great option of prepaying a Keepsake credit. Let’s say, you think you may want a collage for your dining room wall or a painterly portrait above your fireplace, OR an album, OR wait, there’s also this cool metal print! You have an option to prepay a certain amount that will go towards anything that we offer.

Once you pick your prepaid bundle/credit and the date of your session, you can decide if you would like to prepay the whole amount or use monthly or bi-monthly installment options.

When you prepay, we include great bonuses!

What kind of Bonuses are we talking about?

The cool ones! They include: Desk Metal Prints, Wall Portraits, Slideshows, extra images, even mani-pedi for pampering our clients before the session!

Please contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of Prepayment plans before your scheduled photo session on 30a, Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Watercolor, or Tallahassee! You are always welcome to call us at 850-778-5370 or email [email protected]