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Fabulous 40 Over 40!

Meet Hillary Murphy-Stockwell

It seems like a million years ago, Hillary and I worked at the same Kay Jewelers store in Panama City, and of course life took us in different directions, so we only stayed in touch through Facebook. Now, over a decade later, both of us business owners, connected on the topic of Women Supporting Women and Hillary contacted me about Fabulous 40 Over 40! So here we are!

What is your background?
“I was born on an Air Force Base in Texas to a hard-working military father and an alcoholic mother. I didn’t have the easiest childhood but eventually after Desert Storm and Desert Shield my dad took early retirement and my mother was finally out of the picture. My father was so amazing at being a single dad to my brother and me that we never felt left out for not having a mom in the picture. He was tough but he raised us to have a good work ethic and morals! I definitely was a wild child but he always loved me unconditionally and was there to pick me up when I fell! He taught me what it was to be a good parent and I carry that with me today in how I raise my son. I had many careers as an adult and eventually decided to go back to school once again, this time for cosmetology. Then my father was still alive and thought I was crazy, but to me it seemed like a high-profit margin and a good business plan. So at 30 with a small child I decided to give it a shot with the help of my Father and Stepmother. Not only was I right about the business plan part of it but it turns out it allowed me to be the best mother for my son in the fact that I was always there for him and still able to provide for him. All these years later I still love my job and I love owning a Salon and being my own boss! I pray my dad is watching over me from above and can say he is proud of the mother, wife, and the businesswoman that I’ve become.”


What are three words that define you now?

“Passionate, Honest and Wild”

What advice would you give to your eighteen-year-old self?

“Go to cosmetology school now!”



What quote defines you?

“ Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Bernard M. Baruch

What is your profession and your achievements that you would like to share?

“Beauty Salon Owner and Stylist.”

What are your hobbies and passions?

“Photography is a hobby I hope someday to add to my business as well.”

What is your personal motto?

“Be yourself, be honest and you will eventually have all the right people surrounding you!”



What would you like your legacy to be?

“That I always spoke my mind and though sometimes even harshly, it would be better if all the world were honest and open and had a willingness to communicate and tell each other how they feel!”

What have you enjoyed most about your Fabulous 40 over 40 Experience?

“Feeling like all the focus was on me. That may sound selfish. But as a business owner, mother, and wife I feel like I’m always so focused on everyone else that I rarely have time left for me! Honestly, it’s made me want to set more time aside in my daily life to take care of myself and that’s an amazing thing to me!”

Hillary, we enjoyed having you in the studio, and thank you for sharing your story! We love that you were able to see yourself from a different perspective and this is our hope for all women who participate that they will see their beauty that others already see!

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