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Fabulous 40 Over 40!

Meet Phyllis Walker

Phyllis called us about headshot for her new website but we ended up talking for an hour, because her passion to help people outshines everything! She shared her story and we were happy we could bring her into our Fabulous 40 Over 40 Experience and inspire other women!!!

What is your background?
“I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida 5 years after the Supreme Court decided to end school segregation. I was 4 years old when President Kennedy was killed and 8 years old when Dr. King was killed and what was known as the Civil Rights movement came to an end with the signing of the 1968 Civil Rights Act. I grew up in an all black community where people from all socio-economic levels and walks of life lived, with very little crime or disrespect. Both my parents were educators, so graduating from high school and college was a given. Living through various transitional phases during my life time has given me a perspective that I am just beginning to understand in terms of how it has shaped me into the woman that I am today.”

What are three words that define you now?

“Creative, Passionate, Intentional”

What advice would you give to your eighteen-year-old self?

“Your value is not defined by other people. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by your Father God, on purpose and for a purpose. He needs you to be your authentic self in order for Him to accomplish the plans that He has for you to do.”


tallahassee portraits, tallahassee photographer, tallahassee branding, Fab 40 Over 40


Who are the most influential and meaningful people in your life, and why?

“My Family, without question, because they have always and I mean always been there for me and love me unconditionally and I know that I can trust them to tell me the truth. I also have some really, really, really close friends who mean a lot to me and whose advice I value tremendously.”

What is your profession and your achievements that you would like to share?

“I am an Operational Effectiveness Consultant and the owner of Phyllis J Walker Consulting. I train and support governing boards, administration, faculty and staff, empowering them to use standards and principles of accreditation as tools for effective operation. I have written a book entitled: Realizing School Excellence, Effectiveness and Growth. I also serve as the Associate Dean for the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities at Florida A&M University.”

What are your hobbies and passions?

“My hobbies are crafting and decorating…I like making things pretty. My passion is empowering women to “operate effectively”.”

What message would you send to other women going through a major life change?

“Your life situations don’t change or determine your value. The transformation of a caterpillar into a healthy butterfly with strong wings to fly are a result of struggle. Just because a one hundred dollar bill is crumpled and dirty does not take away any of its value.”


tallahassee portraits, tallahassee photographer, tallahassee branding, Fab 40 Over 40


What would you like your legacy to be?

“That I let the light of Jesus within me shine so brightly that others would see it and want to shine brightly like that too.”

What have you enjoyed most about your Fabulous 40 over 40 Experience?

“I enjoyed EVERYTHING!…from the pre-session wardrobe consultation, to the make-up session, photo session and ultimately the photo selection process. Alena’s knowledge, skills, professionalism and organization all wrapped up in the passion that she has for her using her gift to encourage and empower women is simply amazing. If I had to choose, I would say that I enjoyed the actual photo session and photo selection process the most because they were actually learning experiences for me in terms of how various poses and colors speak to your audience and promote your brand. Worth every penny!”

Phyllis, we enjoyed having you in the studio, and thank you for sharing your story! We love that you were able to see yourself from a different perspective and this is our hope for all women who participate that they will see their beauty that others already see!

Would you like to participate in our Fabulous 40 over 40 Experience and have the opportunity to share your story? We would love for you to join us!! Click here to contact us!! Fabulous 40 over 40 Experience